Charlene's Dream Community Cancer Resource Center


This center is a warm and welcoming haven for those with cancer, seeking to get information.  It is a resource center wrapped up to look and feel like a boutique!  It is a comfortable place to try on wigs, hats, mastectomy bras, lymphedema sleeves and breast prostheses to take home with you.  It is a place where ALL cancer patients can feel free to ask questions they may have forgotten to ask during their medical appointments.  It is a place where patients can get FREE help and assistance. The center is staffed by volunteers whose mission is to help cancer survivors.  Many of our volunteers are cancer survivors themselves.  Many are also healthcare professionals who work in the field of oncology (cancer).   The center is a free standing building on the campus of The Seabreeze United Church of Christ.  Seabreeze UCC is committed to the cancer community and has generously donated their space of "Tullis Lodge" to house the resource center.  Hours and Dates open TBA.  Most personal services simply require you to make an appointment.  Call:   386-252-6314  or 334-2834 for more information and appointments.







 This grassroots community cancer resource center has been started with gifts to the Charlene's Dream Fund and donations from generous local community vendors.


    Beloved breast cancer nurse navigator Charlene Brady was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in spring of 2016.  In June of 2016 a "posse" of Charlene's dearest friends and colleagues decided to help her to realize her dream of opening her own boutique and resource center for cancer survivors. What began as "one night" event (so Charlene could envision it prior to her passing) became a mission and a promise to Charlene to make her dream a reality.






Seabreeze UCC volunteers are already hard at work making soft, comfortable CUTE hats for our cancer survivors.  All are Free!!  Stop by Charlene's Dream and pick up a few to keep your head warm and stylish!!!





This is Charlene's Dream:





















The Woman Who Inspired "Charlene's Dream"


Charlene Cleary Brady

The love for her begins immediately.  When you first meet Charlene Cleary Brady, you become wrapped up in a cloud of joyousness!  She exudes happiness, kindness, excitement and FUN!!!  You wonder, “who is this fabulous woman and why is she being so nice to me?”.  She knows no other way.  She is a “mother” to all who meet her.  She meets you and immediately surrounds you in a hug, a genuine welcome. She approves of you and now you shall be a member of her family (along with 5000 others!!).  She will introduce you to everyone she knows.  She will always greet you with enthusiasm and warmth.  She will sing to you in the hallway.  She will laugh every time you crack a joke. She will encourage you and will become your champion. 

If you are a patient with cancer, she will lend you an ear whenever you need it.  She will soften the harsh blows of a cancer diagnosis and she will explain things and break them down into understandable or “doable” steps. She will be there to guide you and listen to you.  She will help you navigate the hurdles of treatment.  When you think you can’t go on any longer, she will gently encourage you.  When you finish treatment, she will encourage your independence, and set you free but you know you will always have her gentle arms to come back to if you become scared.  You will never forget her.  You know that without her, your journey would have been very different.

She is a warm, nurturing soul.  She has touched the lives of thousands of cancer patients.

If you are lucky enough to be an oncology (cancer) nurse who has had the opportunity to work with her, you are proud.  She is an excellent nurse and every day she helps to raise the bar for excellence within our profession.  She came to Florida and helped establish programs for nurse navigation and oncology nursing.  She has excelled at every venue where she worked:  MetCare Oncology, FHMMC Cancer Institute, Halifax Health.  At each institution, she left it better than when she arrived.  She challenges those who stand in her way to provide excellence of care to cancer patients.  

To her family and close friends:  I don’t need to tell you about Charlene.  You know her best of all.  You are all “her heart”, her everything.  She lives for her family.

What many of you might not know?  Charlene has a dream.  She has wanted it for the longest time.  She has wanted to be able to offer women with cancer a warm and welcoming haven….a resource room wrapped up to look like a boutique.  A place to try on wigs, hats, mastectomy bras, lymphedema sleeves and prostheses.  A place that feels more like a boutique and less like a hospital exam room.  A place where cancer patients can feel free to ask questions.  A place where a patient can get help even if she can’t afford it. 

So many of you have asked, “what can I do to help Charlene?”.  This is one way you can honor Charlene and “pay it forward” for other cancer survivors in Charlene’s name.  Her family, friends, co-workers, former patients and Seabreeze UCC wish to honor Charlene by helping her realize her dream.  So, on the campus of Seabreeze UCC there will be a resource “boutique” named “Charlene’s Dream”. 

If you wish to assist with this dream, please send your check to:  “Charlene’s Dream Fund” c/o Seabreeze United Church of Christ, 501 North Wild Olive Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118.

Please earmark your check with "Charlene’s Dream" so it can be placed in the proper account.

Thank you for honoring Charlene (and all of those affected by cancer) with your donation. 



Sadly we have lost our beautiful Charlene, but her dream lives on.   To read more about this amazing woman see below.




Charlene Cleary Brady

Charlene Cleary Brady, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend passed away peacefully after a recent battle with cancer on Monday, May 31, 2016, with her loving husband Rich by her side.

Charlene was born on 5-13-53 in Weymouth, MA, to Charlotte and Leo Cleary of Hanover, MA. She was one of six children and was much loved. She deeply loved her siblings: James, Patrick, Kevin, Ricky and Kathy.

Her childhood was spent on the South Shore of Massachusetts. She attended and graduated from Hanover High School, class of 1971. She pursued her dream of being a nurse and graduated from Mass Bay Community College in 1987 with her Associates Degree in Nursing. She was employed by South Shore Hospital as a registered nurse.

She continued to touch lives and share her talents in her nursing career but during this time she also was overjoyed to realize her dreams of becoming a mother. She welcomed her two beloved sons: Steven and Michael into the world and her life changed in the best of ways. Charlene was born to be a mother. Family was always Charlene’s heart and soul. In subsequent years, the love of many grandchildren added to her joy in life.

Charlene moved to Florida and began a new chapter in her life. She brought her love of Boston and New England with her. She made trips back “home” and always kept her family and her New England roots close to her heart. She was a true Red Sox and Patriots fan forever!

She pursued her BSN at Florida Southern College in 2000 and went on to receive her MSN from Phoenix University in 2006.

In Florida, Charlene met her forever soulmate, love of her life, “her rock” and best friend Rich Brady. They married in 2003 and ever since have been like two “teenagers in love” (one of Charlene’s favorite songs). To hear the way Charlene described her feelings for Rich was a daily lovely reminder of the power of true love.

Charlene lived life with JOY, love, passion, humor, enthusiasm, and fun!! There has never been a dance floor that didn’t call out her name or a Karaoke machine that she could resist. Friday evenings she could often be heard singing with Rich and best friends and a local DJ. She was loved by all who had the good fortune to know her. She was a true friend to many.

In 2005, a diagnosis of breast cancer changed her life and sent her in a different direction within her nursing career. While undergoing chemotherapy she obtained her Masters of Nursing Degree and was selected as member of the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society.

She had excelled as a nurse in various nursing supervisory jobs and affected change at Children’s Medical Services, Seminole County Health Department, Curascript before her cancer diagnosis. But after her cancer diagnosis, she found her true passion in nursing. She became a champion of excellence in oncology nursing. She became a certified Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator and helped establish programs for nurse navigation and oncology nursing in Volusia County.

She became president of East Central Florida Oncology Nursing Society Chapter, and she was the treasurer of The Florida Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators. She excelled at every venue where she worked: Metcare Oncology, Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Cancer Institute, Halifax Medical Center. At each institution, she left it better than when she arrived. She challenged those who stood in her way to provide excellence of care to cancer patients. She was a warm and nurturing soul who touched the lives of thousands of cancer patients and their families.

She is survived by: her husband and soulmate Richard Brady, her sons Steven and Michael (Chrissy), her father: Leo Cleary, her siblings: James (Linda), Patrick (Arlene), Kevin (Kim), and Ricky (Cheryl) and Kathy. Four stepchildren: Melissa , LeeAnn(Scott), Shawn and Katelyn(Michael), Grandchildren: Kaylee, Brianna, Ashton, Nolan, Aryana, Brady and Austin, AND many much loved aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and extended family and friends. She is also survived by many grateful cancer survivors and their families whose lives she touched and who Charlene loved dearly.

A memorial service celebrating the life of this wonderful, caring, and loving woman will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at Seabreeze United Church of Christ 501 North Wild Olive, Daytona Beach, Florida 32118.

In lieu of flowers please support Charlene’s dream of a resource center for women with cancer at Seabreeze UCC: “Charlene’s Dream Fund” c/o Seabreeze United Church of Christ, 501 North Wild Olive Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118. Please earmark your donation with "Charlene’s Dream”.

























Charlene's Posse:  Jennifer Peludat, Sharon Bridges, Rich Brady, Charlene Brady, Cindy Thornton, Thomas Thornton, Jerry Bridges

Jill Nevers, Duckie Rohald, Ronique Bolden, Eve Bohn, Sandy Allten, Shonnette Bennett, Dana Ferrence.  Missing from this photo:  Nathalie Sweeney, Barb Bittner




Charlene's Dream Community Resource Center Governing Board:  Nathalie Sweeney, Cindy Thornton, Sandy Allten