Seabreeze UCC Cancer Hope and Healing Program Leaders and Volunteers


Yes, we all have "day jobs".  We are oncology professionals who love what we do in our day jobs.   Our goal is to work together to help make the journey easier for cancer survivors and their families in our community.  Our hope is that by providing these evening support groups, classes, special events, and resources, that we will provide emotional support (and fun!) to those with cancer and connect with them other survivors in the process.  Please join us!! 


Sandy Allten, RN, OCN, CCRP     

Clinical Research Nurse at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Cancer Institute. Has facilitated 2 prior support groups:  Boston Medical Center Ovarian Cancer Mind Body Support Support Group and the BMC Haitian Men and Women's Cancer Group.  Sandy is filled with admiration and gratitude for the amazing oncology professionals who have become a part of this community cancer program (see below).  She is the co-facilitator of the Melanoma Support Group.  


Shonnette Bennett, RN, CTR      

Nurse Tumor Registrar at Halifax Health Medical Center. Shonnette has worked as a clinical research nurse and oncology unit staff nurse.  She is the co-facilitator of our Melanoma Support Group.  Shonnette loves animals, so we are pretty sure that there will be some "pet therapy" programs in our near future!


Barbara Bittner, RN, OCN          

Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Cancer Institute.  Barb is the co-facilitator of the FHMMC Breast Cancer Support Group.  In our program she is   the CREATIVE GENIUS behind our Arts and Crafts Therapy Group!!  If you think that support groups are not "your thing", come chat with other survivors while getting your Pinterest groove on!


Beverly S. RN, OCN              

Only the biggest stars go by one name and Beverly is our star volunteer extraordinaire!!  Happy to be retired, this amazing long time cancer clinical trials nurse shares her many talents with   with our Arts and Crafts Therapy Group, Melanoma Support Group and Women's Night Out Group.  



Charlene Brady, RN, MSN

Charlene has worked at FHMMC Cancer Institute, Halifax Health Medical Center and Metcorp Oncology.  She has been beloved at all three institutions!!  One of the greatest nurses we have all worked with, Charlene lent her considerable support group facilitator experience to the first few sessions of our "Girls Night Out" Support Group.  Charlene was a long time breast cancer nurse navigator and was co-facilitator of the FHMMC Breast Cancer Support Group.  See "Charlene's Dream" tab for more information about our beloved Charlene.




Janice Danielson, Patient Advocate   

Janice was a guidance counselor in the "education world" for years until her retirement to sunny Florida.  She lost her wonderful husband Bob to brain cancer and since that time has become an advocate and huge supporter of cancer programs.  She is an amazingly talented quilter, seamstress, designer and craft person!!  She shares her considerable talents with our Arts and Crafts Therapy Program.   




Jenny Ketring, LCSW                

Jenny is the outstanding social worker at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Cancer Institute.  Jenny exudes kindness out of every pore.  Jenny runs several cancer support groups at FHMMC, as well as the "I Can Cope" ACS series there.  She lends her expertise to our program when patients might require more counseling or assistance than our survivorship program here can offer.  She also refers patients to our programs and groups as an adjunct to the programs she runs at FHMMC. She is our true champion and she will also share her aromatherapy wisdom in some future groups here.




Pat O'Nan, RN, OCN

Pat is a longtime radiation oncology nurse who worked for years at FHMMC and now works at Halifax Health Medical Center in their Radiation Oncology Department.  She is an awesome nurse (which we all knew) but she has surprised us by revealing her painting talents and love of all things arts and crafts!  She assists with our Girls' Night Out Group and our Arts and Crafts Therapy Group.




Betty Morris Parker, ISEA

Betty is our double agent of talent!!  Not only are we fortunate to have her as Seabreeze UCC Treasurer (the most thankless job in the land!!), we are filled with gratitude that she has agreed to share some of her artistic talent with our cancer survivors in our Hope and Healing Program!  She's a real deal artist!!!  Betty will be teaching a Zentangle workshop later in 2016 and has some plans for a "paint night" for our survivors as well.  Betty has used art therapy to help her deal with the illness and passing of her beloved husband.  See some of Betty's work and read more about her story at:




Jennifer Peludat, ARRT RT (R)(M) CBPN-I

Jennifer is like lightning in a bottle!  She is the extremely energetic and fabulous Breast Health Navigator and Breast Program Clinical Coordinator at Halifax Health Center for Oncology at Twin Lakes. She LOVES PINK!!  Jenn is a true patient advocate and is always thinking of ways to make the cancer experience better for her patients.  Jennifer is facilitator of the Breast Cancer Support Group "Think Pink" at Halifax Health Medical Center.  She is co-facilitator of our "Girls Night Out" Group here at our program.



Nathalie Sweeney, MS, RD Celgene Corporation


Nathalie is our fitness and dietary health guru extraordinaire!!  Her background working with patients is as a registered dietician.  She works as an educator, representative and patient advocate in her role working for Celgene Corporation which makes hematology oncology drugs for our multiple myeloma and amyloid cancer survivors.  Nathalie makes things happen!! Whenever we are in need of assistance, support or speakers for patient programs, Nathalie is the first one to ask how she can help!!  Nathalie has the hugest of hearts.  She is a governing board member for The Charlene's Dream Cancer Resource Center.  She has also worked in our program with our Dr. Windham Surgical Oncologist Q+A Appreciation Night.  Be looking for her to share her guidance on self care during cancer treatment in the future.  
Cindy Thornton, RN, CN-BN Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
To know her is to LOVE her!!  Cindy is newly retired from her role at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Cancer Institute as a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator.  A breast cancer survivor herself, she has helped hundreds of women navigate the challenges of breast cancer treatment.  She is beloved "earth mother" to staff and patients alike. She was co-facilitator of the very popular Breast Cancer Support Group at FHMMC.   Many of her navigated patients have followed her here to our evening program and the group she facilitates "Girls Night Out".  Cindy is super creative and there are always interesting topics and exercises to try during her group.  And let's not forget the healing benefits of chocolate!  Cindy shares her considerable talents with us here in the Hope and Healing Program as well as being a governing board member of "Charlene's Dream" Cancer Resource Center. 
Duckie Rohald, Goodwill Ambassador 
Sabra Moniz, Social Worker
George Sullo, Qi Gong
The very FABULOUS George is a lifelong practitioner of Qi Gong and Tai-Chi.  He shares his time with us in our beautiful courtyard feeling peaceful!!
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Regina Martel, RN, Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator/ Agendia Corporation
Kathy Carver, RN
Dana Ferrence, RN
Pam Falco, RN, OCN
Rev. Barbara Laucks
Rev. Phil Laucks
Denise Norfolk, RN
Jennifer Robinson, RD
Eve Vesely, LPN
Susan Joss, RN
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