Seabreeze United Church of Christ Cancer Hope and Healing Program                                                                             

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Seabreeze United Church of Christ is committed to the Cancer Community and is proud to host:  

The Cancer Hope and Healing Program.”


In March of 2016, we began hosting the following cancer support services to the community as part of our missional outreach.

All monthly support groups and events will be facilitated by volunteer Oncology (Cancer) Certified Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Registered Dieticians and our experienced Clergy Staff.  We work "by day" at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Cancer Institute, Halifax Health Medical Center and Halifax Oncology Centers, Metcare Oncology.  Some of us work for Pharma companies.  We work in chemo clinics (medical oncology), with those who have had cancer surgery (surgical oncology) and in radiation treatment facilities (radiation oncology).  

Our experience is vast and diverse.  But we have one common goal!!  We LOVE what we do and we want to help any of you who have been affected by cancer!!!  We want to run the kind of support groups and survivor events that we would want to attend...upbeat, informative and a place to connect with others who have walked down a similar path.  

Please come and check out our support groups and events!!!




Seabreeze United Church of Christ is committed to the Cancer Community and is proud to host:  


The Cancer Hope and Healing Program














Monthly Groups:



Women’s Cancer Support Group "Girls' Night Out":  It's not your "typical" support group!!  For women with all types of cancer.  Join Nurse Navigator Cindy Thornton, RN, as you have some laughs and do a little chatting!!


“Cancer 101, A Class for Those New to the Cancer World”:  Join oncology nurse Sandy Allten, RN, and guest nurse navigators as they lead an informal monthly group for those just beginning treatment for cancer.  We’ll talk about surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and some tips to help you through it!   With so many new treatments out there, we'll talk about treatment, resources available and the great sense of hope we have now for cancer survivors!!  Starts January, 2017. 


Art/Craft Therapy Evening Support Group:  Do you prefer to chat with others while working on a project?  Explore your creativity as you meet other cancer survivors who know exactly how you feel.  Leader Barbara Bittner, RN (Nurse Navigator) and her team of talented "crafters" (Pat O'Nan, RN, Beverly S., RN, Janice Danielson, Patient Advocate, and "Duckie" Rohald, Goodwill Ambassador).


Caregiver/Partner Support Sessions:  It is the toughest of "jobs" to be upbeat, supportive and loving 24/7 to your loved one with cancer when you are probably scared and tired yourself.  Rev. Barbara Laucks (cancer survivor) shares her light, love and a good listening "ear" to loved ones of those affected by cancer.  Come meet other "caregivers" and "supporters".  This is a chance to get a little healing time for yourself, so you can be reenergized for your loved one.


Young Adult Survivors Connect:  We get it.  You are young.  You don't want to sit around a table in a church talking all night!!  Join Sabra Moniz, Cara Triz and other young adult survivors to meet at various local restaurants for tapas and beverages in this informal series of get togethers.  The only goal here is to connect with another survivors your age and to share resources.  Starts February 2017.


Medical Qigong (Chi Gung or Chi Kung) an ongoing weekly series temporarily on hold:   We are thrilled to have George Sullo joining us every week in our beautiful courtyard to teach us Qigong.  George is a longtime student of Yang style Tai Chi with knowledge of Qigong.  He now shares his gifts with us as we learn Qi Gong.  This beautiful ancient Chinese rhythmic exercise is for all fitness levels and involves slow, fluid movements that stretch and strengthen, combined with deep breathing and a meditative state of mind.


For Directions and More Details:    Seabreeze United Church of Christ:  501 North Wild Olive Avenue, Daytona Beach, 20118.  Free parking in the back of the church.  Please don’t park in the Raymond James lot next to church or you will be towed.  Questions?  Call Sandy at:  386 231 4023.


"Come and Meet Linda Ryan of ME STRONG.  Linda shares with us how her cancer diagnosis gave her a  new life changing mission:  to help other cancer survivors!!"

"What are Clinical Trials, Where Do I Find Them and Why Would I Want One?:  Sandy Allten, RN, OCN, CCRP"

"Making Smoothies and Nutrition Tips for Cancer Survivors:  Jennifer Robinson, RDN”

"One Pot Cooking" and "Chair Yoga" with Nathalie Sweeney, RDN of Celgene, Inc.

“Beach Walk and Talk":  Call it a Beach Walk, Call it Meditation. Call it an informal half hour of peacefulness and relaxation with the healing power of the sea. Your guide is Denise Norfolk, RN, Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator (and expert shell seeker!!) from FHMMC Cancer Institute. 


Annually in September:

 Annual Cancer Survivor Hope and Healing Service