We believe a Christian Marriage Service is different from a civil ceremony.  When a couple chooses a church for their wedding, they are choosing a service above and beyond the legal requirements of a civil marriage.  In a civil ceremony, the couple simply promises before a magistrate to enter into a legal contract and to abide by the laws of the state.  In a Service of Christian Marriage, a couple promises to God and to each other to live out lives of faithful discipleship by making a lifelong commitment to each other and to God that will be witnessed, blessed, and acknowledged by the community of faith in which they are making their vows.


We believe a Service of Christian Marriage is truly a Service of Worship and is therefore to be under the direction of the Pastor of Seabreeze UCC. If a couple wish to have a minister of another church assist in the Service, it is necessary for the couple to discuss this with our Pastor. If agreeable, the invitation to the requested assisting minister will be extended by our Pastor on behalf and with the approval of the Church Council.  It is the responsibility of the couple initially to talk with the Pastor in setting a date for the Service.  The couple will need to make at least four appointments with the Pastor for pre-marital counseling and in sharing any special requests they have for planning their wedding service.


The Pastor, in consultation with the Minister of Music, is in charge of music for wedding ceremoniesconducted at Seabreeze UCC.  A separate appointment will need to be made by the couple to meet with the Minister of Music to hear and choose appropriate music for their service.  All musical arrangements must be approved by the Pastor.


The bride and groom shall bring their marriage licensethey received from the Volusia County Clerk to the wedding rehearsal usually scheduled the day/evening before the actual wedding ceremony.  The Pastor is not authorized to perform the wedding service for any reason without receiving the original copy of the County issued Marriage License.


The Wedding Rehearsalshall be set normally the afternoon or evening before the day of the wedding.  It is important for the couple to stress to their wedding attendants that all scheduled rehearsals will start on time.  The Pastor and the Church Organist have reserved this specific time for you, your attendants, and ushers.  Often, the Pastor and the Church Organist have scheduled other appointments later in the afternoon or evening and cannot be detained by late arrivals.


A Fee Scheduleis made part of this Policy Statement.  All such required fees are to be submitted at or any time prior to the rehearsal.  All checks are to be made payable to Seabreeze United Church Christ.





Policy Statement: 








Wedding Planners:  If a couple wishes to use the services of a wedding planner, the Pastor should be informed of their desire at the time the initial counseling session.  Although the services of wedding planners have been found to be helpful to couples planning large weddings, it is to be understood the Rehearsal and the Wedding Service itself are under the direction and control of the Pastor.


Use of Photography:  Photographs may be taken at any time prior to the Wedding Ceremony.  Flash pictures may be taken of the wedding party in the processional.  Photographs withoutflash may be taken of the wedding party as long as the pictures are taken unobtrusively from the back of the sanctuary.  Video recording of the ceremony is permitted using available light with equipment that is stationary and placed in an unobtrusive location.  Flash pictures will not be taken during the ceremony by photographers or guests.


Flowers and decorationsshall be appropriate in a place of worship.  It is the responsibility of the couple to order and be financially responsible for the payment of any flowers and/or decorations such as an aisle runner they may wish to have in the sanctuary.  It is also their responsibility to decide what should be done with them following the ceremony.  Seabreeze UCC will provide candles for the Communion Table.  Any other candles the couple wishes to use must be dripless and of good quality.


Other associated policies:

  • No rice is to be thrown within any of the buildings or at the exterior of the sanctuary.  Bird seed, bubbles, and/or streamers may be used outside.


  • Individuals and/or groups are liable for property damage either to the church buildings or to its equipment.


  • Weddings cannot be scheduled:  Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Holy Week and/or Easter Weekend.


  • Positively no drinking of alcoholic beverages and no smoking are allowed in church buildings or on church property. 


  • No part of the church, pulpit, Communion Table, cross, candle sticks are to be disturbed or removed.


  • The latest time for a wedding to be scheduled on a Saturday is 7:00 PM.


  • Aisle runners may be tacked to the foot of the chancel steps only.  Thumb tacks, nails, screws, or other type of fastening devise may not be used anywhere else in the sanctuary or the church buildings.


  • All items provided by the family or rented from a florist should be removed immediately following the Service.  


  • We at Seabreeze UCC care about you and your marriage.  It is our hope that the pastoral conferences will be but a prelude to a continuing relationship of mutual support between you as a couple and this congregation.  We encourage you to become involved in the worship, work, and ministry of our church where together we can grow and be nurtured in our faith and life as part of God’s people. 

This Policy was reviewed, discussed, and approved by action of the Seabreeze UCC at a joint meeting of the Board of Trustees and Council on August 28, 2016.  Attest:  Mrs. Kim Banta, Secretary/Clerk.





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